Volunteer Opportunities

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Volunteer Opportunities


Leadership Positions (~ 10 hours per week)

Director of Community Outreach will coordinate with non-English speaking communities and community leaders; with volunteers, conduct initial community surveys; develop the student needs assessment that will form the foundation of the ESOL program; and, with volunteers, recruit students to enroll in the program. On an ongoing basis, s/he will continue to liaise with local communities.

Director of Administration & Logistics will manage the program budget, apply for funding grants, coordinate class schedules, monitor key performance metrics, and coordinate ESOL communications and marketing efforts.

Director of Career Counseling will help students with soft skills development and job placement and will liaise with students after completion of the program.


Grant Writers (initially 4 – 8 hours per week)

Grant writers will research and identify possible funding sources and apply for available funding. Previous grant writing experience is desirable. Boston Community ESOL Center will provide training assistance and grant application guidance.


Interviewers (as needed)

Interviewers will conduct in person and phone interviews of community leaders and potential students and record the results in electronic survey forms. The ability to speak a second language will be helpful.


Recruiters of Students (initially 4 hours per week)

Recruiters of students will identify and recruit potential ESOL students to the program. Recruiters will use phone and in person meetings to attract students to the program. The ability to speak a second language will be helpful.


Interpreters (as needed)

Interpreters will assist in interviewing community leaders and prospective ESOL students during the community outreach/assessment and student recruiting phases.


ESOL Teachers (~8 hours per week)

Teachers must have English as their primary language and do not need to be bilingual.

Classes, with up to 10 students each, meet for two hours, three days or evenings per week for five weeks. We “team teach” with two teachers per class to provide flexibility for teachers. We would like each teacher to teach one to three, five-week class(es) over a 12-month period.

Teachers will be trained by professionals from the Boston Community ESOL Center. Training sessions will be about 10 – 15 hours over multiple days and evenings. AFTDJ will provide course materials.


Teaching Environment and Traits

  • The A Faith That Does Justice ESOL Program puts faith into action by providing necessary English language skills to vulnerable people in the Boston area. Most students will have recently arrived in this country and may be unemployed or under-employed.
  • ESOL classes levels start at the beginner proficiency level and expand into higher levels as the program develops.
  • Class sizes are small (~10 students), with one or two teachers per class.
  • Classes are taught in classrooms at St. Anthony Shrine on Arch Street in Boston. Class sessions are three times per week for five weeks. Classes might be taught at night, during the day, or on weekends. The schedule is determined based on the needs of the students and the availability of teachers.
  • Classes are based on communicative practices which prioritize student participation and classroom interaction.
  • We seek volunteer lead teachers, co-teachers, and tutors.
  • Previous teaching experience and licensure are not required as comprehensive, targeted teacher training is provided.
  • Volunteer teachers are outgoing and dedicated, seek feedback from team members, and have a passion for helping others.
  • The language learning environment requires teachers to be patient, coaxing and genuinely interested in developing a positive rapport with each of their students.
  • Volunteer teachers have a working knowledge of English grammar. Teachers do not need to know any other language.

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