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Vilifying Black Men

African American men have long been targets of vilification, given efforts to malign and defame them. As people of faith, we must reject such biased notions, for all are made in the image of God.

The 31st Anniversary of the Martyring of Six Jesuits

During the Salvadoran civil war, these Jesuits sacrificed their lives for denouncing the injustices committed by the oligarchy and for defending innocent Salvadorans subjected to great violence. They are Ignatian role models of a faith that seeks global justice.

Seven Things to Know About the New Papal Encyclical Fratelli Tutti

Voices from around the world have expressed great appreciation and directed many words of praise for the latest encyclical released by Pope Francis. Whatever your religious affiliation, you may be interested in the profound messages regarding social justice that the pope proposes in this document. Allow me to offer seven insights that may assist your understanding of Fratelli Tutti, published in early October 2020.