Past Events

Photos, videos and event summaries related to events hosted by A Faith That Does Justice.


Past Events

Be an Agent of Change: Achieve Health Justice

The goal of this Workshop was for attendees to leave the evening with actionable insights they could take back to their communities to continue the fight for health justice.

Where is God in the Midst of the Pandemic?

Sister Barbara encouraged us to put our energy into things that we can change in our lives, especially during the pandemic, and to ask God for help with the things we may not be able to change.

Faith and the National Election

In our first virtual community, we welcomed faith leaders and the media to join us for a conversation about faith and the national election.

Labor Day Weekend Message

Father Peter was invited to preside over Mass at Saint Cecilia Parish in Boston where he spoke of the prophetic voice. He pointed to examples of prophets who rose against manipulation and exploitation of the poor, and encouraged people to return to God as their world...

Pentecost Sunday Message

On May 31, 2020, Father Peter offered Mass at Saint Cecilia Parish in Boston, where he called on all people of faith to stand up against racism and walk in solidarity with people of color.

Learning Interreligiously as a Key to a Better World

“We are living in an unprecedented time of inter-religious awareness. Pluralism is a fact of life.” That is according to Fr. Francis Clooney, SJ who presented at our workshop, “Learning Interreligiously as a Key to a Better World.”