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We seek enthusiastic people who will reach out to people in Boston who society has marginalized, inviting them into a program that seeks to awaken their human potential and offer them their God-given human dignity. Volunteers will also invite people of higher socio-economic backgrounds to participate in this program by living a faith that walks in solidarity with people in need.

To these ends, the needs of AFTDJ include, but are not limited to, volunteers who:

  • want to learn community organizing principles and would like to engage in community organizing
  • will be phone callers
  • can identify and arrange speaking opportunities for Fr. Gyves
  • can provide administrative assistance to Fr. Gyves
  • are able and available to plan workshops and meetings
  • will help during workshops and meetings
  • Can provide ESOL administrative assistance in data management
  • ESOL administrative assistance in data management
  • Establishing contacts with churches and organizations that serve the poor and immigrants
  • can manage AFTDJ’s social media presence (YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.)
  • want to learn/explore market research for our ESOL initiative (profit/non-profit organizations, demographics of students, availability in Boston, etc.)
  • will write blogs for the AFTDJ website
  • will accept responsibility and a sense of ownership for the work of AFTDJ
  • speak English and other languages such as Spanish, Portuguese, etc.


As a volunteer program, A Faith That Does Justice relies on the generous donation of time and talents of people like you. We have many needs. Please tell us a little about you, your talents and how you can help others.

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