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Celebrating Blessed Oscar Romero: Bishop and Martyr

Blessed Oscar Romero - It is not God's will for some to have everything and others to have nothing

A tribute to Blessed Oscar Romero and Fr. Peter Gyves from a parishioner

Almost two years after leaving San Diego, the impact of A Faith That Does Justice upon the parishioners of Our Lady of Guadalupe Church remains a powerful one. The commemoration of the martyrdom of Oscar Romero this past month brought several families to give thanks for an awakening that has led them to live faith more deeply and in action on behalf of the most most vulnerable among us.

We are grateful for their witness and inspired by their continued dedication to humble service on behalf of those in need.

Dear Fr. Peter,

Today we celebrate the life of Blessed Oscar Romero.

We thank him for his love for the poor and for teaching us to speak up and be the voice for our brothers and sisters. Specially the oppressed and persecuted.

As I reflect on his life and the beautiful work he did in San Salvador I also remember the blessings we received when you came to OLG [Our Lady of Guadalupe]. You inspired us to be active in the works of the Lord.

Today we remember you as well. We miss you everyday but remember your teachings.

Thank you for love and dedication to the poor and marginalized.  We offer you our prayers, love and friendship.

Many greetings from the parishioners at OLG. May God bless you with wisdom, good health and happiness.

We hope you can come and visit again.

We appreciate you!


The Cook's, Greeley's, Navarro's, Sevilla's.

P.S. Saludos de todos en Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe. Lo recordamos  con cariño.

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