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About A Faith That Does Justice

A Faith That Does Justice is an ecumenical program that seeks to raise consciousness about social issues that affect the most vulnerable among us and offers others opportunities to walk in solidarity with those less fortunate than themselves.  We welcome people of all races, religions, cultures and sexual orientations. We are respectful of our differences and seek to learn from each other ways to overcome the social, political and economic barriers that may separate us.

There are three components to A Faith That Does Justice:

  • Workshops - that honor the inherent human dignity of all and explore how our faiths challenge us to work for a world where all God’s people can enjoy a fair share of the goods of God’s creation.
  • Community Meetings - that focus on the social issues that affect the most vulnerable among us. Meetings feature invited speakers, discussion groups, and an opportunity to seek advice and assistance from, or even to volunteer with, a non-profit organization in attendance. Our speakers are filmed and their presentations are disseminated through social media. We also provide simultaneous interpretation of the presentation so that everyone in attendance can understand the content of the talk and have a voice during the subsequent discussions.
  • Faith in Action - that emphasizes the works of mercy. We will begin an English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) initiative and staff this ministry with a program director who will train and supervise volunteers from A Faith That Does Justice. Our intent is to offer ESOL to participants of our program and those in the downtown area of Boston who have recently arrived in the United States and have need of better language and social interaction skills in order to obtain employment and live successfully in this country.

For those who live in the Boston area, we invite you to join us at our workshops, Community Meetings, or in our English for Speakers of Other Languages initiative. Please see the Events page for further information about times and locations. For those who live at a distance and cannot be among us, we invite you to regularly explore our website as a way to walk with us in a transformative journey from a faith that is proclaimed dogmatically to one that is also lived out of the heart and in action on behalf of the good of all God’s people.  We will include videos of our Community Meetings on our website.

Thank you for your interest in A Faith That Does Justice. We hope to see you soon.

Peter W. Gyves, SJ, MD

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