April 12, 2018 – A Faith That Does Justice, Inc. (AFTDJ) has announced the selection of Bill Anderson to direct its English as a Second Language (ESL) program for individuals who are newly arrived to the Boston area.  Anderson is a recognized leader in the higher education and strategic planning sectors, and is now dedicating his talents to serve vulnerable populations in need of ESL services. AFTDJ plans to offer tuition free ESL classes in the Boston area.

Anderson, a retired Navy Captain, comes to AFTDJ with over forty years of professional experience in the Navy, higher education, management, engineering, and strategic planning.  Anderson established W. Anderson Consulting, LLC in Brookline in 2014, where he has worked with a wide range of clients, including Tufts University and Boston University.  He holds two Master of Science degrees in Civil Engineering, one from University of California Berkeley and another from MIT.  He received his Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from Tufts University.  

“I am excited to join Father Peter Gyves and the A Faith That Does Justice team and for the opportunity to lead the English as a Second Language Program.  ESL is our inaugural program of putting “faith into action”.  We are currently seeking volunteer teachers, interpreters, and grant writers.  We hope to begin classes this summer.”

AFTDJ was founded by Fr. Peter Gyves, who is bilingual, a Jesuit priest and physician who once worked in poor communities in El Salvador. The organization offers workshops that emphasize faith lived in action and hosts Community Meetings that focus on social issues that negatively impact marginalized communities. 

With the launch of the ESL program, they are expanding their offerings in the community, providing classes to assist those who need better language skills to enter the workforce and function in society. The classes will help participants with their language and social interaction skills, which will in turn help them obtain employment and live successfully in this country.  

“AFTDJ is honored to welcome Bill Anderson to our team.  His extensive background in education and community involvement is an asset to our mission driven work with the ESL community.” AFTDJ Founder Fr. Peter Gyves, SJ MD said. “We are privileged to have someone with his experience and talents committed to leading our ESL program.”

To learn more about A Faith That Does Justice ESL program, please explore this website.

About A Faith That Does Justice:

AFTDJ is a unifying, ecumenical program that reaches out to multiple denominations to promote social justice across various races, cultures, religions and sexual orientations. It seeks ways to eliminate social, economic, and racial divides that may separate us, by standing in solidarity with the less fortunate.

There are three components to AFTDJ – workshops; community meetings that focus on the social issues that affect the most vulnerable among us; and, faith in action that emphasizes the works of mercy.

Fr. Peter Gyves is a Jesuit priest and physician who provided health care to some of the poor of El Salvador during that country’s civil war of the 1980’s and early 1990’s. Three years ago, he piloted AFTDJ in San Diego, before moving it to Boston in September 2016 in order to reach out to its diverse population of people, many of whom have recently arrived in the United States. This program focuses on faith lived in action on behalf of the most vulnerable among us.